Take-home assignments, tests, and even projects have become a central part of the engineering interview process. You might like them, you might hate them, you might not really care, but you’ll probably encounter them if you look for a job as an engineer. This post is not here to tell you if they’re good or bad, it’s here to offer you some advice on how to approach them.

This advice is based mainly on my own experience. I’ve completed many of these assignments, helped other engineers prepare for them, and designed and reviewed them. I’ve also chatted with friends who…

10 years ago this month I moved to the US. I wanted to write a bit of a summary about what it’s been like, being away from home for a decade. Nothing more.

View from plane window
View from plane window

The pain of leaving home comes in waves. It starts with a big wave of fear and foreignness, mixed in with some excitement, like before any trip. With a feeling that you fell out of your world into a parallel one. Like you stepped into a movie. …

Woman typing on laptop
Woman typing on laptop
(photo from wocintechchat)

This weekend a small storm hit tech Twitter (as happens most weekends) when a VC named Shekhar Kirani posted a long thread about 10x engineers, how great they are, and how to identify them. If you’re looking for a laugh you can definitely check the thread out, but it is pretty much exactly what you’d expect. …

Yuval Idan

Software Engineer. I often can’t help myself from bringing things up.

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